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Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone Treatment

Suboxone is a narcotic prescription used for the treatment of opiate dependency. Suboxone is dispensed in a sublingual dose, which means a tablet is placed under the patient's tongue and dissolved into the bloodstream. It assists in addiction recovery by inhibiting the body's craving to use opiates, as well as minimizing detox and withdrawal symptoms. Along with the Suboxone medication, doctors, counselors and nurses are available to meet with patients regularly, to monitor their progress with the treatment program.

The Suboxone Program at Chicago Treatment and Counseling Centers is administered on a 30 day cycle. Physical, mental and emotional health conditions are evaluated before the program begins, at various intervals during the program, and after all of the treatments have been completed.

One of the benefits to the Suboxone program is that even though the patient is strictly monitored by a doctor throughout the duration of the treatment, the patient can complete the program in an outpatient setting and take the Suboxone medication in the privacy of their own home. This beneficial feature allows patients to feel more comfortable as they make their way to recovery.

Suboxone treatment programs can have life-changing effects for patients who are battling opiate dependency. They were developed to give people an opportunity to overcome their dependencies in a safe environment, and offer people the chance for physical, mental and emotional recovery.

Our Suboxone Program begins with a comprehensive evaluation and physical by our clinical and medical staffs. Once the evaluation is completed, a prescription is written to obtain Suboxone from a local pharmacy. Within one week, the patient returns to the program for a follow up visit. Thereafter, visits occurs once per month (or more frequently if deemed necessary or if requested by the client).

In order to enroll, please call one of our program locations or send an email using our contact form. Enrollment costs $250.00 and monthly fees thereafter are $175.00  (does not include cost of medication).