Chicago Treatment and Counseling Centers

Admitting you have an addiction to heroin, alcohol, or other opiates is a big step, and that is why the core value of Chicago Treatment and Counseling Centers is to "Treat our clients the way that we would expect to be treated in any other place of business - professionally, and with respect."

Chicago Treatment and Counseling Centers is a private organization committed to providing the highest standard of substance abuse treatment, including confidential counseling, education, and medication management for treatment.

Our agency’s four locations serve over 2,000 individuals each year. We specialize in the confidential treatment of opiate addiction for individuals who are addicted to heroin, vicodin, oxycotin, and other opiates.

Professional Staff Quality Care...

Our highly qualified staff will assess clients with opiate addiction and select the appropriate program for enrollment.

Our programs include suboxone and methadone maintenance treatment.

We provide DUI Evaluation, Risk Education, and Early Intervention Services along with Substance Abuse Treatment and Intensive Outpatient Treatment.

We have centers in Chicago and Cicero.